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Supreme Court agrees to hear plea seeking to declare animal kingdom as 'legal entity'.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

After a long discussion and deliberation, Hon'ble Supreme Court was pleased to issue notice to the Union as well as to all the States in a PIL filed by Mr. Devesh Saxena, Managing Partner, S&D Legal Associates and Mr. Shashwat Anand, Consultant and Legal Advisor, S&D Legal Associates seeking, inter alia, 'legal entity' status to entire animal kingdom and 'loco parentis' status to the citizens.

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This petition was filed in Public Interest as well as Animal Interest and it sought protection of Animals from 'cruelty' by granting them with the status of 'Legal Entity'. It is important to note that the same prayer had already been allowed in past by Punjab & Haryana High Court in 2019 and by Uttarakhand High Court in 2018.

However, initially the Court was reluctant in issuing notice on this prayer and even advised to delete it, but later on, upon being persuaded by Mr. Saxena, who argued the petition, they were convinced to an extent and issued noticed for all prayers.

Case No. WP(C). 885/2020

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