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Adjudged First Intra City Moot Court Competition at United University, Prayagraj, 27th April 2024

Banner for judging 1st Intra Moot Court Competition at United University,Prayagraj

We are proud to announce that our Partners, Adv. Devesh Saxena and Adv. Prabhav Srivastava, played a prominent role as judges in the Intra-City Moot Court Competition held at United University, Prayagraj on 27th April 2024 . This prestigious competition served as a valuable platform for law students from leading Prayagraj institutions such as University of Allahabad, Chaudhary Madhav Prasad Degree College and Ishwar Sharan Degree College to polish their courtroom advocacy skills in a simulated environment.

At S&D Legal Associates, we are committed to the development of the legal minds of the future. Our participation in this event reflects this core principle. Moot court competitions provide an invaluable opportunity for aspiring lawyers to develop critical legal research and writing skills, while gaining courtroom experience through presentations and arguments in front of a judge. By participating in these events, students gain the confidence and poise needed to excel in their legal careers.

We commend United University for taking the initiative to organise this valuable competition. Events like this play a crucial role in developing well-rounded legal professionals who are prepared to navigate the complexities of the legal system and advocate effectively for their clients.




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